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by | Mar 15, 2015 | Marketing, Advertising, and PR

According to Copy Blogger, approximately 50% of consumers do not know what native advertising is although 41% of brands are already using it. It’s about time to shed light on this topic.

Native advertising is sponsored or branded content embedded into print or online publications. In most cases, it is either a print advertorial or paid editorial spot. Branded infographics or sponsored videos are alternatives. Its main characteristic is that it looks and reads almost exactly like editorial content; yet, it is an advertisement.

Native advertising is somewhat controversial. For example, readers of a scientific publication might not be able to distinguish editorial content from native advertising content. A subtle branded article about the surprising efficiency of a specific diet pill might be mistaken for an unbiased editorial article about the same pills.

Nevertheless, native advertising provides great opportunities to reach the target audience in a manner in which they are already consuming related information; as long as it’s done the right way:

  • Successful native advertising must be transparent. Clearly brand your article, video, etc. Trying to deceive your audience can damage your reputation for good.
  • Content must fit the publication and catch the readers’ attention. Matching the tone of the publication can add additional credibility.
  • Don’t be shy to ask for native advertising, even if a media kit does not mention it. Many publishers are open to it and already have plans to implement it.

For more information about native advertising and examples, see:

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