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Always Adapt and Grow

If you are of a certain age, you may remember the phrase “World Wide Web.” The phrase was ubiquitous in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The World Wide Web still exists and most of us use it nearly every day. However, at some point, it got shortened to “The Web” or “The Internet” in our vernacular, even though the Web is technically only one piece of the actual Internet. Things change in language, so we also need to be aware of trends and changes in our business.

Back when we were using “World Wide Web” as a common phrase, it was becoming increasingly common for companies to have their own websites. In the beginning, it was generally large companies and tech firms with websites, but at a certain point, every business needed a website, whether you were an auto manufacturer or make wood carvings out of your garage. Then with the rise of social media, this too began to change. Just look at the restaurant industry.

While most restaurants still have websites, many do not. It was not long ago that every restaurant needed a website. However, now it is becoming more common for a restaurant to direct all their online marketing through a social media platform such as Facebook. Social media has replaced the necessity of the website for many restaurants. They can post menus on their Facebook page, along with photos of customers enjoying food and even post quick updates about changes in hours.

 know where this evolution of the Internet and social media will take us, but it is important for us to keep pace with the trends and be aware of them as they come, so we can help market our clients in the best way possible.

Welcome Lauren!!

Media Link is thrilled to announce we have a new Marketing Coordinator. Welcome to the team, Lauren!

Lauren Alexis Wood is a graduate of the University of Iowa and Southern New Hampshire University. She comes to Media Link with an eclectic background spanning multiple industries. Having worked in healthcare, education and media sales, she brings a diverse mix of skills and experience to the team.

Lauren is also an avid writer and has over a dozen children’s books and works of fiction published, many through her own small press, Paradisiac Publishing. Lauren is ecstatic to join the Media Link team as her original dream job out of college was to work for an advertising agency.

At Media Link, she is learning the entire business from the inside out and she feels she is learning from the best, President Natalie Linville-Mass. “Not only am I joining a company that’s been running for over two decades but getting to be a part of a successful woman-owned business is a huge motivator for me just starting my career in advertising.” she said.

Lauren lives in Davenport, loves listening to live music and spending time with her friends and family.

Part-Time Office Manager — Apply Today


Media Link Inc. is a full-service strategic communications and advertising agency located in Rock Island, Illinois. Our 20-year company collaborates with our clients in developing and executing their marketing. We help companies with everything from social media posts to blogs, to websites, to menus/brochures to focus groups to digital and traditional ad campaigns and all marketing duties in between.

Media Link Software® (MLS), a division of Media Link founded 10 years ago is an intuitive system which tracks all forms of media and creates invaluable cross-platform reports. Some of our best features include automatic invoice checking, a tracking system for multiple generations of make-goods, and post-buy analysis.

QC PastPort, Media Link’s newest division, provides destinations where curious minds meet narratives from the past. We do this by offering self-guided, interactive, physical and digital tours throughout the Quad Cities.


We are looking for a meticulous, number-cruncher with a degree in accounting or bookkeeping for an office manager position within our firm. Someone who loves numbers and solving puzzles will thrive in this position. 


In this position, you will be responsible for reconciling media invoices, assist in the development of client proposals and Request for Proposals (RFPs), develop and track applications for Government Registrations and Certifications and you will be responsible for the maintenance and flow of our office. These tasks would include keeping our equipment and systems running, assisting with customer inquiries, maintain our records and assist with budget development and tracking. With this position, there will also be an opportunity to help with remote sales efforts for Media Link products and services. 


This is a weekday, on-site position for 15-25 hours a week with hourly pay, plus commission.


If you are interested in pursuing this position, please send a resume and cover letter to Natalie Linville-Mass at 

Welcome Grace!!

The Media Link Team is thrilled to announce we have officially found our Marketing Coordinator!  Grace Bradley-Leon, welcome to our team!

Grace is originally from Naperville, Illinois and moved to the Quad Cities to start her first year at Augie and hasn’t left the Quad Cities since.  She is a recent Augustana College graduate with a major in communication studies. Throughout her College experience, Grace has been active in several organizations.  Grace has been President of Enactus, an entrepreneurial organization which helps businesses with their advertising throughout the Quad Cities.  She serves on the executive board of NAMI and has also served as a community liaison for the organization.  She has also been the Project Manager of Cool Quad Cities, an organization also poised to help brand businesses in our area.  So, with her experience we have seen a smooth transition into her new position.

“Media Link allows me to pursue exactly what I had dreamed of doing. When I was applying for jobs, a positive and educational environment was at the top of my list. It took me less than five minutes on the first day of work to realize that Media Link will never stop teaching me the skills needed to become successful at my position,” Grace Bradley-Leon expressed.

Beyond a passion for advertising, Grace played Varsity Soccer at Augustana and has so much love and compassion for animals. Before coming to work each day, she makes sure to give her 1-year-old dachshund, Gus, all the love and attention he deserves.  Grace, we are so happy to have you on board!

Job Opportunity: Marketing Coordinator Position (Part-time)

Media Link, Inc. is an agile full-service marketing agency specializing in developing collaborative and innovative advertising solutions through building long-term relationships.

The Marketing Coordinator position coordinates established Media Link clients’ advertising efforts, maintains proper office workflows, and contributes to digital campaign management. The marketing coordinator position has the opportunity to earn additional commission by generating and managing Media Link Software® (MLS) client accounts.

 Primary duties include:

  • Be the welcoming and professional first impression of the Media Link team.
  • Ensure established office procedures are maintained.
  • Prepare proposed advertising schedules for broadcast, digital, print, outdoor and specialty buys in Media Link Software®.
  • Reconcile affidavits/invoices in Media Link Software® and address issues.
  • Stay informed about marketing trends and best practices.
  • Develop and update presentations assigned to you for client meetings and projects.

As an added opportunity to earn commission:

  • Research, contact and follow-up on leads for our Media Link Software® (MLS) product.
  • Manage established and new MLS accounts.


  • Some working knowledge of media buying.
  • Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills.
  • Desire to sell and working knowledge of the sales process.
  • Organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Pro-active learner and curious about the emerging world of advertising and marketing.
  • Working knowledge of paid digital and organic social media.
  • Google Certified a plus, but not required.
  • College degree in the field of communications.


  • Base hourly rate
  • Commission
  • Gas stipend
  • Seminar stipend for continued education.

Please email resume and cover letter to

Seeking Part Time Copy Writer


Media Link Inc. is full-service strategic communication and advertising agency located in Rock Island, Illinois. Our 20-year-old company collaborates with our clients in developing and executing their marketing.  We help companies with everything from social media posts, to blogs, to websites, to menus/brochures to focus groups to digital and traditional ad campaigns and all marketing duties in between.

Media Link has also developed a division of our company named, QC PastPort with regional partnerships and the expectation that the first public material will be released in May 2021.

QC PastPort will be creating and placing signage around the Quad Cities area to highlight forgotten and fascinating historic sites. People visiting these locations will be able to use a location-driven app to learn more about the history of each destination from both an article in the app and an audio history told in a first-person point of view.



We are looking for someone with a degree or seeking a degree in communications with an ability to demonstrate their writing skills.  Sharing past writing samples and demonstrating your writing skills will be a part of the application process.



We are seeking someone to assist in researching and writing content in the form of historic narratives, blogs, posts, RFPs, news releases and other copy related needs within Media Link.


This person will also need to assist with taking pictures/video for our content and have the ability to reach out to vendors, potential clients and news outlets with related public relations efforts.




For right now, this is a week-day position for 20-25 hours a week with the possibility to earn a commission.  We are open to working from home and have the flexibility to work within other commitments.  The ability to be in the Quad Cities would be valuable because this employee will benefit from visiting sites and eventually meeting our partners in person.

Digital Consumerism

The Internet has played a vital role in changing the way businesses adapt to changing consumer preferences and how they retain customers. In the age of digital advertising, online shopping, and online reviews, having a strong digital presence is essential to connecting with your audience and stepping beyond creating awareness. The internet is unavoidable now more than ever with over 4.1 billion Internet users worldwide. These users are looking for places to share their opinions, research purchases, and connect with the brands they know and trust. Having a strong digital presence gives your customers a venue to reach out and interact with your brand in a way they never could with traditional advertisements like print or billboards.

With new technology has come new avenues for businesses to reach both their core consumer groups and new clients. The internet has become a central step in the sales funnel. Before making a purchase, 82% of smartphone users research the product or company online. Additionally, 45% of these users read customer reviews before the purchase of a product. Whether a consumer sees an advertisement on TV, the radio, a billboard, or a brochure, consumers are extremely likely to research the company and their products or services prior to a purchase. At the center of a customer’s research is a well-developed website that reflects a company personality, values, and informs them about your produce offerings in a low-sales pressure setting.

Consumers’ need for knowledge hasn’t changed, however, their patience in finding that information has dramatically shortened. If they can’t find you without putting in a great effort, they will likely move on to the more apparent option. Fortunately, with the internet being accessible 24/7, the convenience factor of researching a company or product at any time is possible. However, you must be able to communicate your message quickly and succinctly, as the average user is only scanning for 10-20 seconds before leaving if their attention is not caught. First impressions truly are everything! It’s a simple correlation: a bad digital presence is bad for business.

An Intern’s Perspective (Blake)

Before this internship, I had next to nothing in experience in the world of marketing and advertising, so I never realized how much work went into advertising for companies. When I first stepped into this internship role, it all just seemed very overwhelming between all the projects from social media to having to create proposals for every single place where we wanted to advertise. My co-workers made it very easy to figure everything out, because they all were more than willing to help out whenever I had questions.

I felt like a big part of the company, because I was able to help with projects such as creating proposals and creating advertising campaigns. Experiencing the unique challenges helped me tremendously when it comes to overcoming hurdles and advancing personally and professionally.

I know I will not forget this experience, because of how accommodating everyone was in order for me to get the most out of this time. I am extremely grateful for Natalie on taking a chance on me and for the rest of the team for helping me out whenever I needed it, even with the probably excessive questioning.