Our Creative Philosophy

Your company has its own unique personality, and your creative materials should complement your unique brand. Like anyone, artists have an approach and style to their work that is reflected in their creations. That’s why it is difficult for some ad agencies to maintain a fresh approach for each of their clients when their art is created by the same handful of staff members.

Media Link is different. We recognize creative professionals are artists with their own styles and strengths, therefore we subcontract from a large talent bank of experienced and talented professionals:

  • Copywriters
  • Graphic Designers
  • Printers
  • Sound Technicians
  • Videographers
  • Website Designers
  • Website Programmers

You’re given the opportunity to view a selection of portfolios and price estimates for your projects. Then YOU CHOOSE YOUR OWN CREATIVE TEAM. In essence, you’re building your own personalized advertising agency!

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Media Link Inc. is a strategic marketing solutions firm providing its customers with a creative, yet tactical approach to their individual marketing needs.

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