Media Link Software

After years of struggling with the shortcomings of available media buying software, we decided to create our own. Media Link Software™ launched in 2011, and agencies across the U.S. accepted it with open arms.

Our innovative software benefits you by showing you the most cost-effective. media for your audience. We added the missing data for online, outdoor, and publication buys. Additionally, we created a platform to perform detailed data analyses through the media buying process.

  • Analyze media options before you buy
  • Receive a marketing summary of your campaign
  • Track your ads as they run
  • Receive detailed reports of reach, frequency and affidavits

When you work with our media planning and buying team , Media Link Software™ enables you to get the ultimate value from your advertising budget on each platform.

Are you ready for software that actually improves the media-buying and reporting experience?

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