The Plan

by | Nov 15, 2014 | Marketing, Advertising, and PR

As business owners; it isn’t anything new to have a “plan”. You plan what you will need to order next for inventory and/or supplies to create your product. You plan out your employee schedule in advance to ensure your productivity is covered. You even plan pricing, as well as sales events. The questions is; how far out do you plan your marketing? Yes, this needs to be planned in advance. Just as you take a close look at your budget and determine at what price you should set your product, and at what time would be best to have that sale to boost business, you also need to compline this plan with your marketing.

When you have a solid plan in place the process of getting the word out is easier, and in fact more cost effective. Most media outlets have specified times each year they offer special rates, as well as offering fantastic discounts for placing your campaigns in advance as annuals.

Utilizing an agency can also be a budget booster, as they can negotiate additional discounts and terms for you. Your agency can monitor the progress of your campaign, and ensure you are getting exactly what you placed, when you placed it, as well as what you have contracted to pay. Therefore ensuring you remain within that budget you had planned in advance. With the New Year approaching, now is a great time to start making those plans!

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