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by | Aug 23, 2022 | About Us, Guest Authors

The Media Link Team is excited to announce a new Marketing Assistant! Nini Nguyen, welcome on board!

Nini Nguyen is a rising sophomore at the University of Chicago. She plans to major in Global Studies and Public Policy. She plans to go to law school after finishing her undergraduate education. While Nini has worked in other professional sectors, this is her first time in marketing and advertising. She is open to new opportunities and learning experiences. 

This is also Nini’s first time in the Quad Cities, having grown up in Boston and going to college in Chicago she has never lived outside of a major city. She is having a lot of fun learning about the Quad Cities and all it has to offer. Through Media Link she was exposed to the city’s culture and businesses, “I like how community-based the Quad Cities are. I feel like I’m learning so much about the city’s history through local companies,” Nini shares. 

One of her favorite pastimes is going to art museums. She recently visited Figge and was impressed by the Anne Lindberg: think like the river with poet Ginny Threefoot exhibit and the Alexander Calder model. 

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