Even with all of the details involved, we believe our industry of advertising and communications deserves an elevated level of transparency and trust—and so do you. As such, Media Link is raising the industry standard by providing you with detailed monthly documentation of all project communications. From media placement to the creative process, you’ll be able to review invoices and emails from vendors, negotiated make goods, impressions reports, social media screenshots and more.

Transparency at this level brings accountability to all of our relationships. For you, it results in peace of mind. You will know every detail, including exactly how your media buys were negotiated, which ads re-ran and what ended up on your invoice.

Our commitment to transparency is just one more way we connect the spots for you. Please let us know if you ever have questions about our processes.


“Media Link’s monthly packages do not only include an exact list of charges per item, reports of digital ads and screenshots of their performance. They also include relevant communication with vendors and subcontractors that allow us to always know what is happening.”
-Doug’s Heating & Air Conditioning