Digital Marketing

Three-Arrows ImageThe Digital Trilogy: SEO, Search & Social

With every advertising campaign, Media Link provides insight into the implementation of online, interactive opportunities. We believe in our Digital Trilogy of SEO, Search Campaign Management and Social Media. And, as a certified Google Partner, we complete ongoing training and meet other requirements to maximize placement of Google AdWords products.

SEO ImageSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every website needs to reflect your business through its design and message, but it also needs certain elements so it can be found. SEO funnels people to your website by optimizing content based on keyword data provided by Google. This data is used for writing and publishing blogs on a monthly basis to further improve content.

Google Partner Image - Media Link, Inc. 1902 17th St. Rock Island, IL 61201 309-786-5142Search Campaign Management

Professional SEO lays the foundation for successful search campaigns and ensures landing pages create a positive first impression. However, the competition is stiff in the digital world! Boosting your visibility using Search Ads gives you an advantage over your competitors. Media Link is a certified Google Partner and an experienced Google AdWords marketer. We may also recommend a more visual connection to your Search Ad campaign by using Google AdWords’ Display Ads. We also utilize Bing’s Search Ads where it’s a fit for our clients.

Social Media ImageSocial Media

The process of connecting with your audience doesn’t simply end once potential clients reach your website and make a purchase. Your ultimate goal is to create a sustained business-client relationship. The key to continued success!

Through social media, we help you initiate a conversation with your clients and link them to your website. Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + and others allow you to share strategic, engaging content with your clients. Eventually, the social media conversation guides them back to your up-to-date website, where they make a purchase. This completes the digital trilogy.

Your social media strategy gains strength through ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bing, Google and YouTube. We can precisely target relevant demographics to increase followers and views. In addition, we can assist you with regular E-Blasts to inform your clients and potential clients about news, discounts and new products/services to connect all of the spots for your multimedia strategy.

Contact us to implement a digital marketing strategy that works. Media Link will help you unite your online presences into one effective interactive plan.