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by | Sep 28, 2023 | About Us

Josh Boelter is a Senior Copywriter for Media Link. He writes a combination of blogs, social media copy, as well as narratives and audio scripts for our sister company QC PastPort. Josh has been a professional writer in a variety of roles for many years, from technical writing in Silicon Valley, to marketing and speechwriting for large companies in Chicago and Detroit.

“The thing that’s great about working at an agency like Media Link,” says Josh, “is that there are such a wide variety of clients, and most of them are small or medium-sized businesses. These are businesses that create the communities we live in, and it’s an honor to help them get the word out and serve each business’s mission.”

The challenge of an agency with many clients is getting to know each client’s needs and voice. The copy Josh writes for an agricultural business will be quite a bit different than the copy for a theater company. Yet, clients can always be surprising. “Dr. Smith is a podiatrist who was with Media Link until he recently retired,” Josh explains. “He was so much fun to write for. Dr. Smith had a great, dry sense of humor, and wanted that to come across in the work we did for him, so we got to have a lot of fun working for him.” Having Dr. Smith’s personality come through in the copywriting was the perfect image for his business, as new patients knew they were going to see a warm, caring doctor with a sense of humor.

When Josh isn’t writing copy for Media Link clients, he follows Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona, and does a lot of bicycling on the paths alongside the Mississippi River.

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