Grab your PastPort — It’s Time to Travel Back in Time

The Quad Cities area is rife with history, from the booming businesses that got our area up and running to the neighborhoods where folks first settled. Learn more about it later this spring with QC PastPort, a new and innovative way to take a walk through the past and discover fascinating and forgotten historic sites in our area.

With the help of some regional partnerships, Media Link, Inc. is developing a location-driven app, website, and signage to highlight historic spots across the Quad Cities. When you visit a QC PastPort destination, signs will offer background information about what you’re seeing, and the app and website will offer a more detailed overview, with first-person accounts, audio narratives, and more to tell you about the places and areas you see.

Our interactive physical and digital tour will offer a peek at this area’s cultural history through the experiences of the people who once lived here. Our area has a long and rich history; it’s part of what attracts people to our area and makes us unique. This area has helped shape many entrepreneurs and amazing people from all walks of life. Celebrating and learning more about our area will help visitors and residents alike understand the significance of who we are and where we come from, which will help propel our area to grow responsibly and with a better sense of pride.

This project also will help amplify the voices of all of the cultures and people who do and once called this place their home, from Black Union Soldiers to the Hispanic communities who settled here.

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