Extra, Extra, Read All About It: How Can News Releases Benefit Your Business?

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Marketing, Advertising, and PR, News Spotlight

In todays fast-paced and constantly-changing business environment, small businesses need to find ways to stay relevant and visible to their target audience. News releases are one of the most effective ways of using local media to accomplish this feat. A news release (also known as a press release) is a written communication used to announce newsworthy information about a company, organization, product, or event to journalists and other media outlets. The purpose of a news release is to generate media coverage and publicity for the organization or individual issuing the release.

A news release can benefit your business in multiple ways. First, press coverage can improve your visibility and credibility. By distributing information to relevant media outlets, your business can reach a much wider audience and gain exposure you might not have been able to achieve through other marketing channels. News releases have also proven to be a cost-effective marketing strategy. Even with the costs associated with writing and distributing a news release, the overall cost is typically lower than other marketing avenues. News releases also improve customer engagement by sharing valuable and interesting information about your businesss products, services, or events. This helps to build relationships with new and returning customers and encourages them to share your news within their own networks. News releases are for more than just people who watch the news, but for all members of your audience on all platforms.

At Media Link, our team has experience with all of the steps related to issuing a successful news release. Our team can work with your business on determining what the best plan of action will be based on the goals you want to achieve. By clearly defining your goals, we can ensure your efforts are effective and well-targeted. We can write the news release for you, then distribute the release to our contacts in the local media. It’s important to target the right people at the right organizations for each news release. With our relationships, when journalists hear from us, they know we have a news release that fits their audience.

News releases can be an effective tool for businesses to create media coverage and publicity to drive more traffic and engagement with their audiences. At Media Link, we can help you by carefully crafting and targeting a release to the proper media outlets and then take the time to distribute and follow up on it. We understand creating and distributing these releases can be time-consuming and stressful. Our team is fully capable of taking these responsibilities off your plate by managing your release from start to finish.

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