Giving Thanks as an Agency

by | Nov 20, 2023 | About Us, Marketing, Advertising, and PR

Thanksgiving may be a uniquely American holiday, yet gratitude is a powerful universal emotion. As we prepare for time off to spend time with friends and family on Thanksgiving, we’d also like to give thanks as a company for all our blessings. While it may seem like giving thanks is a selfless act, as Forbes reports, gratitude has a positive business impact on the giver as well as the receiver.

A recent episode of the Science Vs podcast explored the science of gratitude. This is a podcast that takes on popular topics and explores the science. Sometimes, they debunk the science; such as with the case of Bigfoot and sometimes validate the science; such as with the case on gratitude. Keeping a gratitude journal makes a positive mental health impact on those who keep such a journal, and giving thanks also makes a positive impact on businesses.

This essay from LinkedIn highlights a few of the business benefits of gratitude, including a boost to employee morale, an increase customer loyalty, and an improvement in company culture. Stopping to give thanks not only helps improve company culture, but it also improves business. Naturally, customers and clients notice when you give thanks, but even if you don’t give thanks publicly, they recognize a more positive company culture and it impacts the customer or client relationship.

With that in mind, we would like to thank our coworkers and colleagues within Media Link for another wonderful year. We would also like to thank our business partners, designers, carpenters, and everyone we’ve worked with throughout the year. And of course, without the amazing clients we work with in the Quad Cities and beyond, Media Link could not even exist. It’s a joy to work with all of you. We’re grateful for the opportunity to continue working with you and learning from you in the years to come.

If you’re looking for ideas for gratitude at work take a look at this Giving Thanks Guide from Harvard Business Review. Take a moment for gratitude and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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