Super Bowl

The average cost of a thirty second Super Bowl commercial is around $4.5 million, calculating out to an average of $150,000 per second. According to How Stuff Works, in 2011 that same commercial cost $3 million dollars. That actually breaks down to $37.00 per viewer. This doesn’t take into account the internet and news shows where you can also find the commercials.  As these costs continue to rise what are these advertisers doing to rise above their “invested” air time competition?

With all this money spent, you would think it would be easy to determine which commercial was truly the best.  But like everything else, everyone has their own opinion. E News believes the “Make It Happy,” Coca-Cola commercial was number one, Billboard thinks “Clash of the Titans” was the best of the best and USA Today said “Lost Dog,” Budweiser won.

So we are asking, what did you think was the best Super Bowl commercial of 2015?