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by | Jun 7, 2014 | About Us

My experiences from working with the Media Link Software (MLS) have been those of shock and aw. The sheer complexity that coincides with the creation of such an amenity is something to marvel at. This software deserves the description of complexity meets simplicity. What may sound like an oxymoron is at the same time very true. The reason I say this is because the complexity of business and staying ahead of the competition goes deeper than who you, the owner, knows. In fact, it more accurately goes along with who knows you and your business. Media Link Software takes that aspect of the business world and roles it all into one. Not to the point where it becomes complacent with one type of advertiser. This is important. The software covers all the unique aspects of different companies. Just like every person on this earth has a distinct fingerprint and every snowflake has its own shape, so it is with companies as well. A software needs to be flexible especially in the area of advertising. That is what makes Media Link Software so unique, it is developed BY an advertising agency FOR advertising agencies. Who better to understand the trade than another participant?

Working with this software has helped me to better understand what advertising agencies are all about while being able to work with the tools of the trade. All of the planning, checking, re-checking, and approval that goes along with working for an advertising agency is, at times, overwhelming. Luckily there exists this tool to simplify all the craziness. That is the core of my overall description of the software which, again, is complexity meets simplicity. No matter how confusing things may look on paper, they can be easily input into the software. From there it’s a piece of cake. Without Media Link Software, the grind of office work would be much more tedious and arduous. Basically, it makes the task simpler and that is what tools are supposed to do.

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