An Intern’s Perspective

I was referred to Media Link’s internship program by a teammate of mine who went through the same program. Although he gave me an idea of how his experience was at Media Link, I didn’t know what to expect.

I have been blown away by the amount of learning and growing I have experienced with my time here. I eased in slowly, because I was shy and didn’t want to ask too many questions; however, the support I received from the staff and my supervisors made everything easier. I could not have asked for a better work environment and colleagues for an internship experience.

I was tasked with researching ways to import affidavits into Media Link Software™ and most of the work I have done here has been in spreadsheets. Media Link Software™ has been the biggest aspect of my experience here. I learned how to do invoicing and importing avails into the software. I have also learned office etiquette and proper communication among coworkers, and most of all I have grown as a person through this experience.

They have given me every opportunity to succeed here and also in life after my internship. Not only have I learned valuable new skills and techniques to help me in my professional career, but they have taken me to Chamber of Commerce events and allowed me to see how to properly network myself. My summer with Media Link is coming to a close, but I will never forget this great opportunity and learning experience.