Internship Experience – Bri Hanes

If you told me I would be helping with market research for national organizations, generating proposals, or attending a network premiere event, I never would have believed you. I did not know what to expect on my first day as a marketing intern for Media Link, Inc., but I knew I wanted to do more than just run errands, file papers, or make coffee. Media Link, Inc. was that opportunity for me; the opportunity to gain hands on knowledge about the marketing and advertising industry.

Through my internship experience, I was able to work on a variety of projects that were genuinely important to the company and the clients. I was tasked with invoices, proposals, affidavits, social media posts, research, and other vital parts to the overall process. With the projects I was trusted with, I felt essential and like I was a part of a team. I am still amazed by the knowledge I have gained in just one summer.

I am grateful I was able to expand my marketing vocabulary and learn the everyday terms used in this field. This experience has familiarized me with a wide range of marketing terms and strategies, from writing blog posts and social media content to learning about SEO and attracting a target demographic. My supervisor and everyone else in the office established a comfortable environment right away, so I was never apprehensive about asking questions and learning new information. I looked forward to coming into the office each week.

My time with Media Link, Inc. prepared me for life after graduation and opened up more opportunities for success. This was my first real life experience with the marketing industry–outside of textbooks and academic clubs on campus. I feel I am better equipped for a career in this field and thank Media Link, Inc. for giving me the tools to be successful.